Our Home Groups meet in-person and online to share life, talk about Jesus, study the Bible, pray, and encourage each other. Being part of a group is one of the best ways to grow in your faith and form meaningful relationships that will bless your life.

Our groups meet over 3 semesters throughout the year, breaking over the summer and Christmas. If you'd like to join a group you can start by filling out the form below.


We’ve all been hurt by other people, we’ve hurt ourselves, and we’ve hurt others. As a result, every single one of us ends up with some sort of hurt, hang-up, or habit. The question we all face is, where do we go from here?

Life’s Healing Choices is a 9-week small group study designed to help you discover and face your hurts, hang-ups, and habits for perhaps the first time in your life. It is our prayer and goal that as the weeks pass, you will begin to find God’s hope and healing. In addition, God will lead you to help others begin to make positive and healthy choices.

Remember that our hurts, hang-ups, and habits did not occur overnight. Many of us have lived with our poor choices for years. We cannot expect to be completely free from them in only 9 weeks. This small group is your courageous first step toward finding freedom from your hurts, hang-ups, and habits!

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