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Counseling God

by Jeff Thompson on September 13, 2017

In Romans 12:34, the Apostle Paul quotes the Book of Job when he writes:

“For who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who has become His counselor?”

The answer? Most of us! Haven’t we all tried to “coach” God in one way or another?

“If you’d just do things a bit faster in this area, Lord.”

“You need to make them see I’m right, Jesus."

“You should be moving me to better situation in that area, God."

It’s so easy for us to find ourselves in the place of thinking we know better than God, and if He would just follow our “coaching”, things would be working out so much better. I’m grateful that in those moments that I serve a loving Father God who chuckles rather than fries me for my audacity!

I’m far too quick to forget this foundational truth about prayer:

The purpose of prayer is not to get my will done in Heaven but to get Heaven’s will done on earth.

Prayer is about me getting my desires aligned with the heart of God – not the other way around!

So, as we pray and bring our requests to the Lord, let’s make sure we’re taking the time to ask Him, “What do YOU want to do in my life… in this situation… in this relationship?”

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