Vision & Values


We exist to help people know and love God,
and experience the abundant life He has for them.

Our Vision

We believe that Jesus Christ has laid out the vision and mission of His Church in the Great Commission:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you...” - Matthew 28:19-20

Our desire is to see Jesus’ vision for His Church embodied at Gospel City.

All of us who belong to Jesus owe our salvation to Him graciously revealing Himself to us, and the only way anyone is saved is ultimately through a revelation of Jesus.

Our Values


He is the head of the Church. He is the inventor of the Church. The Church ultimately exists for Him and her eternal destiny is to be His Bride. We are deeply passionate about our King, Jesus. All Scripture and all creation points to Him. He is the very best thing we have to offer this world and because of that we strive to reveal Jesus in everything we do.

Revealing Jesus
  • We worship because we have received a revelation of Jesus.
  • We preach The Word because it reveals Jesus.
  • We fellowship in small groups because Jesus is revealed in our love for one another.
  • We pray with passion because we desire Jesus to reveal Himself to the lost and in our own life situations.
  • We help fund and participate in local and international missions and church planting because Jesus loves the local Church and reveals Himself through it.
  • We view ourselves as ambassadors for Christ, on mission in our daily lives because we desire to reveal Jesus to our world through the way we live in it.

Everything we do is driven by the goal of Revealing Jesus.


We were created to worship God and because of the Cross we have a reason to rejoice at all times. We are constantly thanking Him for every good thing in our lives. We love to intentionally focus our whole being on the adoration of our God, putting everything in its proper order with Jesus on the Throne of our lives and nothing else above Him. Passionate worship is the only reasonable response from a people who have encountered the saving grace of God. There is no greater use of our time than to worship the God we will worship for eternity.

God’s Word

We believe the most effective way to produce disciples is by faithfully teaching the Bible and allowing the Holy Spirit to change lives through the revelation of Jesus in Scripture. The Bible is our guide in everything and we are all equal under it. It is the unchanging truth, our most direct and consistent point of connection with God, and is a treasure that brings life and blessing to all who heed it.


The Great Commission’s exhortation is to make “disciples” - disciplined followers of Jesus Christ. We desire to all grow up into Christ and become more like Him. We believe that the Lord has a unique part for each of us to play in the Church and in our world. Therefore, we have a responsibility to make the most of the things we have been entrusted with - starting with our very lives. We want to accomplish everything that Christ has planned for us!


If what we believe is really true... an indifferent response is impossible. Our forgiven past, our redeemed today, and our glorious future are reasons to always be found rejoicing, giving thanks, and reveling in the hope we have in Christ Jesus. His passion for us is incalculable. The worship of Jesus matters more than any other cause on the Earth and our passion for Him must reflect that! We believe that our zeal should only increase as we draw nearer to God and grow in our knowledge of Him. Our desperation for more of Jesus must always exceed our pride and our apathy. We need Him and we are not ashamed to say it.

Living on Mission

We are all ambassadors of Christ. We are all ministers to a broken world. We are the Church 24/7. We live with eternity in mind and the heart of Jesus beating in our chests. We are intentional about praying for our neighbors, interceding for the lost, and blessing others out of the overflow of God blessing us. We have what the world needs and we long to share it with them.


Locally, we are part of the CNBC WestCoast family of churches.

Nationally, we are part of the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

We were planted in partnership with the SEND Network.